Don’t Take Empty “Weatherproofing” Promises ...
Condensation ruined this “weatherproof” camera made by the competition after only a few days outside. Don’t take promises. See for yourself how weatherproof the AVC3 WeatherGuard™ is in the video below. Call USAG today at 1-888-987-2446 for more information.
See the AVC3 WeatherGuard™ Under Water, LIVE!
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Designed, Carefully Hand Assembled and Tested in the USA
You are watching live video from an under water AVC3 camera weatherproofed by USAG’s proprietary WeatherGuard™ process using SAE-AS-8660 military specification sealants.  Anyone can say their camera is weatherproof.  We prove it to you.  Call us at 1-888-987-2446 for more information, visit your local SES or click here to request a price list.
What is WeatherGuard™? In colors that meet your needs
WeatherGuard™ is a weatherproofing process that involves careful hand assembly to strict specifications, further enhanced by applying USAG’s SAE-AS-8660 military specification sealants around the areas water can breach. The result is superior weatherproofing as demonstrated by our fish tank demo.

The AVC3 is WeatherGuard™ certified because it is carefully hand assembled in the USA to specific weather-proofing standards by USAG.
The AVC3 is Available Now
Call 1-888-987-2446 or click here to request a price list

US-AVC3-420DN: 1/3” Sony Super HAD CCD, Day/Night, 420 TVL

  US-AVC3-600DN: 600DN Sensor, Day/Night, 600 TVL
Lens 3.6mm
Lux 0.0
LEDs 24 (30’ Range)
Brackets 3-Axis Ball/Socket Style
Power 12V
Housing Black, White & Grey (all Anti Vandal)
Weatherproofing IP67
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