"I've never seen anything that performs as well as the Midnight in almost total darkness."

"... I intend to show the Midnight to all my previous clients because I know they will want to upgrade to this new camera."

Tony Belotto, CPP, Says the Midnight Will Save End Users Millions of Dollars

"The Midnight's breakthrough low-light color imaging will save end users millions of dollars in lighting installation and energy costs while protecting the environment and delivering a higher level of security. This is a major achievement."

When Ryan's Customers Saw the Midnight in Action, They Wanted to Upgrade

"I just wanted to tell you that the new camera is "SICK"!!! We are all impressed and I have two existing clients that purchased "Rx" cameras 1 year ago and want to upgrade to the Midnight after they saw it in action. Great Job!! It's great to know that we are partnered with a company that can produce that quality of a product and keep it at such a competitive price."

"The high resolution video feed blows Speco's Intensifer out of the water during normal and low light conditions! Overall, our experience with the Midnight camera was excellent, and it is now the only low lux camera in our arsenal."

Dave's Low Light Installation at “The Stage” Was No Match for the Midnight

"After a year of trials of every major camera manufacturer, USAG's Midnight is by far the best camera I've used!... I installed many other manufacturers' low light color cameras that were supposed to give usable, clean, color images in these locations for my customer (The Stage). None of these solutions worked because, as soon as any movement occurs, the image becomes blurry from the slow shutter in the competitors' cameras. The Midnight is the first color camera that did not show any blurring under these conditions. The image is rock-solid."

"As the Co-Founder of our nation's premier non-product centric CCTV Sales Training Courses and Security Marketing Programs, I have to be very careful when talking about the quality of various CCTV products. We worked with a client recently in closing a 36 camera sale. Our client then installed 36 USAG cameras into an extremely challenging environment. Honestly, I've never seen a better performing line of cameras - even at 3 times the price! With their new Midnight Technology, I believe USAG product engineers have created such a dramatic breakthrough in high performance CCTV cameras; these cameras will create a paradigm shift in the standard by which our industry measures low light performance. I don't know how they did it, but I'm telling you; I've never seen anything that comes even remotely close! Every dealer should be selling this camera - period!"

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